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Thanks so much everyone for the support. Much appreciated. I'm back, mostly caught up with work and will be updating and responding to everyone tomorrow.

Story for you about, well, somebody I used to know.

About 8 years ago, he bought a used Toyota pickup with a custom made flatbed on it. Very distinctive truck. About a week after he bought it, he was setting in a riverside park eating lunch when a big four-wheel drive pickup races up and squeals to a stop behind him. A couple of good 'ol boys hop out with baseball bats and rush up to both sides of the pickup.

Of course, being a former cop, this guy already had a 45 cocked and pointed at the driver door just below the window. The guy on the driver side got there first and told him to "Get out of the truck!" Of course, he just raises up the 45 and tell's the instigator something to the effect that "If either one of you touch this truck you've just bit off more than you can chew." Or words to that effect.

The driver called out to his buddy "Stop he's got a gun."

"I'm sorry man, we got the wrong guy. We're out of here." and they both started rapidly back to their 4x4.

Of course, that won't do, so he hops out pointing the 45 at them and says. "The hell you are, sit your asses down and tell me what the hell is going on." They sat on the edge of the truck bed, trembling.

Turns out the story was that the guy that had sold the truck still owe one of these guys for it and they had decided they would just repossess it.

His final advice to them was "Next time you decide to start trouble, you best know who the hell you're starting it with." and he let them go.
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