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Three of those tickets are totally bogus, and will be dismissed, if your state law does not require a license or insurance on a 50cc. Excessive smoke? A Rattler is a 2 stroke, of course it is going to smoke. That is perfectly legal. I have driven old cars that burned so much oil they made visible smoke. But since they were too old to be subject to any emissions regulations, it was perfectly legal. Now if there was so much smoke it caused visibility problems, that would be a whole nother thing, but I don't see a Rattler 50 doing that. I would definitely consider what that cop did to be harassment, and I would do everything I could to cause him trouble.

I have ridden in a lot of states, and have found the cops in AZ, where I live, to be by far the worst of them all, even the infamous CHP. I have yet to deal with one that did not have a major attitude problem. When I had my EX500 I got three speeding tickets on it, all for going around a curve just a hair too fast, and the was a cop on the other side. Luckily all three were no points violations, but they cost me plenty. And there is a story behind that. AZ came up with the no points violation so they could triple the number of tickets they were normally writing, to increase revenue, without getting a lot of flack from drivers having their insurance rates doubled because of a ticket. They can now give you a ticket for very minor speeding, and call it "wasting natural resources" They have raked in millions of $$$ this way. A couple of years ago, I was stopped 3 times in 3 miles in a car for having a license plate light out. They said I could not drive it more than 25 miles like that, so I drove 10 miles up the road, pulled into a rest stop, and spent the night in the car. They don't call them pigs for nothing. Many AZ residents have now gone farther than that, calling them "nazis" and "gestapo" and a few other things. I have to say they have rightfully earned it.

EDIT: Just read your post which I somehow missed. Glad it turned out ok. I hope that cop won't be a cop much longer. From my experience and what I have been told by others, it seems many become cops because they have an attitude problem in the first place. Most seem to really enjoy treating people like that.

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