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Originally Posted by robfilms View Post
i'm looking for thoughts on the 2005 model.

or should i wait for a newer year-2008? or 2010?
The real short history of the DL650: 2005 was the first with a black frame, 2007 got twin spark heads, and other modifications in the intake & exhaust, plus optional ABS. 2008 had improved alternator outpur (but not by much), and then there were very minor changes until 2012, when the styling, and many other things changed.

It seems common consensus nowadays, that 2012-> really is the best, not just because it is the newest. But before that, it does not make a whole lot of difference, which year model you buy. Personally, I would get the 2007 or newer, if all other things are equal, and the price is nearly the same (mostly because there is a slight improvement in fuel economy, that came with the changes). Also I would pay a bit more, if that would get me the ABS-version. But not saying the -05 would be a bad choice, either, and 4000 miles is nothing. Really depends on the money. (I live in Europe, so have no clue about prices for used bikes in the US.)
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