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Joe, George, Raven and me made it to Siem Reap from PP with but plenty of dust and diesel smoke impacted into our gear and exposed skin.

....FF to this morning. :)
Joe and I reluctantly responded to the 4AM alarm with the question, "Hope this is worth it". Our arranged and so far, faithful Tuk Tuk driver was 7 minutes earlier than the agreed time of 5AM. Out in moderate traffic and pitch blackness, we continued to wonder " Wat's the draw"
George, Joe and I found coffee at the drop off point as all westerners needs are filled even in predawn blackness. We'll use that photo for the next coffee thread start. :)
Flashlights were being sold and bought as there are no overhead lights where we crossed the uneven causeway to the sunrise viewing area.
I was glad I downloaded the flashlight app on my Droid.

Standing at a large pond bank at 5:30AM we geared up for and hour long wait for the sun to appear. I took out the large laser diffuser I bought in Bangkok and started playing around, half expecting someone to tell me to stop. This thing is very powerful and easily lit up things at great distances with the diffuser off the tip. With the diffuser on I was able to light up the entire palm tree we stood under like it was Christmas with a thousand tiny Laser beams scurrying in every direction like confused insects.

This seemed to attract people toward out location and turned out to be another way to break ice with other travelers.
Out came the STOC Tag for these two Chinese teachers on holiday:
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