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I have played with one of these, they are light and the funny thing is they shoot out of the bottom. They do not seem as sharp as a "normal" 38 snubbie...and I think that is because the gun does shoot out the bottom and not the top. It was not mine, but in the stories I have read about chiappa in general, and personal experence with their 22 1911 I would want to do lots of home work before I picked one up.

As to the judge/gubnator is all a gimick....have any of you ever shot one of those thing....I did once and that was enough...not fun. The are big, heavy, big, hard to shoot, big, loud...oh did I say big....if I was to do that I would carry a full sized 1911 or a 92f...both are about as easy to hide as a judge....heck I think you could hide a bazooka with more ease.

As to the 410 being a defence round, Eh.....I carry a 32acp and do not feel that my dick is any smaller than those that say you have to carry a gun that startw with a .4 If you think anything is not up to being a "defence" load tie your gun to a tree rig up a string and shoot yourself with it....then get back to me....I am so fucking sick and tired of this bullshit.

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Don't they have some airweights nowadays which accept moon clips?

IIRC some of the revolvers which shoot rimless rounds such as 9mm are designed to work with moon clips. Just not sure if any (besides the Rhino pictured below) have done that with .38spl or .357 yet.

Not recommending this as I have no experience, but except for the cost, size & weight.

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