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The previous owner of my '09 530 EXC had installed a Rekluse Z-Start Pro, which has been a godsend for me as I re-enter dirt riding after a bunch of years of street and dirt road riding. It's adjusted to engage just above idle, so it's really functioning as a safety net to catch my screw-ups. I use the clutch most of the time anyway, and just act like the Rekluse isn't there. After I get my "legs" back, I might take it out for a while and see if I miss it.

I've found that oil choice makes a big difference in how it operates. I don't know what oil was in the tranny when I got it, but the clutch slipped a lot, kind of reminding me of a scooter, or an old Briggs-engined centrifugal-clutched mini bike. I switched to the Rekluse-recommended non-synth Rotella, and the engagement point lowered and narrowed quite a bit. Had it not, I might have removed the auto-clutch, or maybe tried to adjust it.

It really could make you lazy if you let it. You could actually ride the woods by putting the bike in 3rd gear and forgetting about the clutch and shifter, but you would go through a lot of clutch plates.

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