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Originally Posted by tallguy-09 View Post
Model 64, Beam Me Up
Do you have any mounting point details?
How does this light compare in size to the model 60 (side by side comparison)?
The Model 60 is roughly half the size of the M64.

The M64 mounts using a single M8 bolt (included) on pivoting bracket. Here is a picture of the mount.

Originally Posted by paulvandenbogaard View Post
the picture of "tree in spotlight" also shows lots of lightning in the area just in front of the bike/setup. Understanding the new models are spot lights I guess this "front lightning" is from another source. Could you explain which ones these are?
No front lighting or addtional lighting. The lights have no cutoff. If you look closely at the picture, those are stars in the sky! This is a long exposure (~5 sec) picture to capture all the light output (and it still does not do it justice).

Originally Posted by paulvandenbogaard View Post
To help understand my question please note that I was hoping for a 3600lmn spot but similar in size as the 60 (and other) models. If you have a another picture of "a 60 and the same setup with tree" that would be a nice way to guestimate the difference in light output. Now if that other source would be "only a single 60" we have a fine way to compare
With current led technology a 3600lm spot in the size (55mm diameter) of a model 60 is not possible. Here is the same shot of a model 60.


Originally Posted by Bobmws View Post
More pics & dimensions are on his website.
The new lights look great John, but the 44's with a dimmer suit my need better, order placed.
Thanks for your business Bob.
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