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That they aren't made anymore, according to one source I read, would suggest that they couldn't make them correctly in the first place.

Taurus was a crappy gun company that became an 'iffy' gun company when they began making some of their models to work reliably. One that is of interest to me, but not a CCW piece for most, would be their Glock copy that is called the 24/7 I think. Anyway...

I carry a S&W 642 AIrweight a whole helluva a lot more than I ever carried my blocky, and heavier, Glock 23. In fact, I used to carry the Glock up in a colder state where I usually had more clothes to conceal it with, but it just isn't a great CCW weapon for anyone who isn't overweight. Now down here in Florida the 642 isn't sexy or anything, and it's a bear to practice shoot, but it's the perfect lightweight companion to carry in so many situations.

I think I bought my 642 from a reasonable gun dealer, new, for only $340. So this choice to go Taurus can't be about price...

re: .357 ... great in a police gun, but +P .38 is beyond 'snappy' and uncomfortable after 60 rounds in an Airweight as it is... I understand the desire to pack a punch, but it's not like an owner of either a .357 or .38 Airweight is going to enjoy shooting their pistol. They just aren't enjoyable, IMHO - they're what you buy to carry.
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