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Ok, so here's the update. Made a pretty low offer today to the dealer. '12 leftover 800xc in the color I want. His counter offer was $10,700 plus sales tax and some document fees. Freight and prep are waived. Additionally, there are 2 accessories I'd like which add up to about $500, for those there was no discount and about $100 to install. I asked if he could move any further to meet my offer which was still $1300 lower for total OTD, his words were, "I'm all in."

Looks like about $2,000 discounted from full list and the usual freight and prep charges.

What do you think? Is there wisdom in trying to further negotiate? We are in the middle of an intense cold spell. the least appealing month, for most people, to buy! Looking for a great deal, plus a good long term relationship for service needs.

I'm pretty sure that if you walked out the door and the dealer didn't make another, lower offer, he is at the bottom. Sounds like a good deal to me. If you keep pushing you're just going to piss him off.
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