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Looks nice, but it's also expensive. I was always taught to travel "under the radar", so to speak. That bag practically screams "steal me, I have expensive things". I guess it depends on where you travel, though.

I usually just use a cheap, small duffle. If it starts to tear or break, I can replace it cheap. Right now, I've got one of these. Small LLBean duffle bag, bright f**king yellow. Fully packed, I've carried: snowboarding jacket / pants / gloves / hat / goggles, 4 pairs of jeans, 10 T-shirts, 2 long sleeve button downs, toiletries, a 15" laptop (with charger), and a GoPro (with a few of the mounts). It's all about how you pack it. On top of looking fairly unassuming (and, I'm usually not well dressed either), it's also bright f**king yellow. Which is good, because you really can't loose sight of your bag.

To each their own, I guess. If you feel like spending $300 on a quality bag, go for it. Looks decent, no idea how much it holds though.
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