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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
I have played with one of these, they are light and the funny thing is they shoot out of the bottom. They do not seem as sharp as a "normal" 38 snubbie...and I think that is because the gun does shoot out the bottom and not the top.
It's not just the barrel/firing cylinder orientation. The grip is also "choked up" higher than a traditional revolver to put the recoil impulse more in line with the wrist and arms.

It was not mine, but in the stories I have read about chiappa in general, and personal experence with their 22 1911 I would want to do lots of home work before I picked one up.
It's Italian. I would like to get one if my gunz budget could afford it. A bit more "practical" than a Mateba.

As to the judge/gubnator is all a gimick....
Of course. It's marketing. Insecure people want to have a big heavy gun to make themselves feel safe.
I am a conservative, not a Republican. There is a difference.
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