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Originally Posted by markbvt View Post
The '05 Wee will be a great bike. The '08+ beefier alternator is useful if you run electrical accessories a lot, especially heated grips and heated jacket, but it's certainly not critical. And the single-spark heads are theoretically not quite as efficient as the '07+ dual-spark ones, but that's hardly a critical thing either.

My biggest question would be, what's the seller asking for a price? I've noticed that a fair number of sellers have been significantly overpricing their Wee-Stroms lately; I would say an '05, even with such low mileage, should not be more than $3500. If he's asking more, try to talk him down.


very helpful response. thank you.

the seller is asking almost $4k due to the low mileage.

but even with those few miles it is still an 8 year old bike.

the weighing of cost vs benefit is a delicate balance.

be well.

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