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Pay is the same flying the 407, but I am moving to a much easier job flying support for an oil companies drilling operations, whereas I have been flying support for production operations.

When I get my ATP done in March I get another $100 a month for having it. However it is required to be captain of a 2 pilot IFR medium or heavy aircraft, and if I go that route and make captain the pay raise is huge now. Didn't used to be, but they recently make huge increases in Captains pay because we couldn't keep people. That job is much more headaches though, and no more flying alone. I like flying alone, and not having to worry about another pilot getting me killed, only me.

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That sounds like some enjoyable flight training Elvis, you are having to suffer through. Does this get you an advancement in pay to or just a more secure place at work? Good luck enjoy yourself.
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