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This is what I have done on my last two vehicles. So long as you know what your trade is worth, and what the vehicle you want is actually selling for, then getting a new car is pretty easy and stress free. I got a 2009 Titan for 12.5K off MSRP (advertised was 10K off, but there is always a little more wiggle room) and a two year old Civic Si with only 28K miles for 15K (sticker on new like this one was 24K). Both times, I researched before ever going to the dealer and like Bueller walked out with a different vehicle than I went in with having paid my original offer.

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So now that you have the long story, here are the quick hits:

1) Know your product. By that I mean know all of the numbers.

2) Know your financing options. Again, all of the numbers.

3) Don't object. Their training and methodology is all about overcoming objections. I don't object or argue. I agree, tell them I understand, and then tell them what I am willing to do, which makes them start objecting. Then I overcome their objections

4) Leave the urgency at home. You don't NEED the new vehicle. If the deal isn't right, walk. If five dealers tell you to go fuck yourself, you might have unrealistic expectations.

Good luck!
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