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Originally Posted by Apxgrndr View Post
Sportsman's Bag
A compact bag with remarkable carrying capacity for sports, field or gym
Style #70266
Do you normally fly First/Business Class or in some preferred seating group? or are you a typical buy the cheapest coach ticket you can find?

If you're in the latter group, odds are you'll be boarding the plane last and 75% of the time there's no more room in the overhead and you'll have to gate check your $300 bag, where some monkey is going to be drop kicking it into the plane.

Checked luggage turns to shit quick and for that reason alone I don't shell out big bucks on luggage. My "Carry-On" is a Samsonite I picked up at Marshalls for like $80. If you're a bargain shopper there's quality stuff out there for not a lot of coin.
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