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Great input. We're planning on avoiding Transnistria, as reports I have read indicates too much trouble, too many officials expecting presents, and not much to see. So we thought we'd just head out of Moldova immediately. If you have some real experience, I'd appreciate any input as it also bothers me to not explore Moldova as we're there anyway.

We rode in Ukraine last year as well, but only the Carpathians, so we're looking forward to explore Crimea and Lviv. That for sharing the photos. It is a good reminder to not ride after dark.

Newer maps for Garmin have pretty good coverage of Ukraine, but we would get printed maps as well. We have been practicing Cyrillic alphabet, so we can better read the maps (I hope).

We visited Sighisoara last year and I can only second that it is worth a visit. We chose Sighisoara over Brasov as we were told that Brasov is extremely touristy.

Thanks for your input. Very valuable.

I don't blame you avoiding Transnistria. I avoided paying anyone till the last check point leaving (there are quite a few!) then I had to pay about 3 Euros which I thought was good but that was the least of my problems! In Tiraspol I got pulled up for a traffic violation, the policeman took me to his "hut" and a Ukrainian biker tried to help me as I don't speak any Russian but the policeman told him to bugger off. So then he started, first he said I would have to spend 30 days in jail, then it went down to a US$300 fine (I held my nerve with my arse twitching!) and then told me to go, so needless to say off I went looking forward to getting back into Ukraine. It's funny how things go from bad to worse! As I was about to leave the Ukraine customs I was told to wait, they brought 3 dogs over and had great pleasure in telling me the dogs could smell drugs (the dogs didn't show much interest though). So I had to take everything off the bike and put my clothes etc into piles, then they took each dog to sniff my things (my arse starting to twitch yet again and a change of underwear later on!!) They asked if I could take the fairing off the bike (FJR1300) that was easy to answer - NO. After 5.5 hours and not finding anything cause nothing was there to start with they said I could go, oh and have a nice holiday!! I'd left Chisinau at 0700hrs to allow for any problems and I got to the Hostel in Odessa at 1730hrs!! The north of Moldova is peasent farming and the capital couldn't be more different a bit like Las Vegas, money changers, bars, casinos and girls (very pretty) I also used a Garmin GPS which was spot on for the Ukraine but not for Moldova and Transnistria.
When I left Odessa I took the M15 west to Romania but instead of going straight on I took the M15 to Izmajil where it forks south at Kyrnycky which would have been nice if it hadn't been raining and the shit roads pot holes were full of water (how deep?). It's a nature reserve and loads of birds etc, I had a stork drop his nesting material on top of me which gave me a bit of a suprise! I've attached the Garmin map (not very clear) which shows in green my route and at the top right the fork I took.

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