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I do not disagree that it is effective.....where I do disagree is that anyone would carry the thing. I am not a fan of leaving anything in your car, or having it in a bag and not on your person. It is just flat ass too big to carry.

But I do agree that if there was a home invasion there are few other weapons that would be as handy as a shotgun pistol and that goes double true for folks that are not well versed in guns in general....that is one thing a revolver brings to the table, pull the trigger and it goes bang....if it does not go bang keep pulling till it does.

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Of course. It's marketing. Insecure people want to have a big heavy gun to make themselves feel safe.
The judge is a gimmick,

Seriously, it is one of the best close range guns out there. It is not a gun to take to the range and punch paper with, but to call it a gimmick is a reach. With the right shells, it is about the most deadly handgun you can have within 5 yards of your target you can buy. I keep it in my bedroom for my fiance who would have a hard time using my shotgun.

Here is an interesting video, a bit long winded, but he goes through about every type of shot for the judge. I am running the Winchester PDX1 loads in mine.

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