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Clearly the S10 DOES have a starting issue

Regardless of "know it all" convincing everyone here that it's all in their head and they don't know how to start a motorcycle.

Sure it doesn't happen all the time. But it does happen and it's happened to mine twice and I was never a dealer, mechanic, expert cycle starter, Internet novel writer but it happen twice out of the blue. I won't bore everyone the details with my two no starts but I can go fiddle with the key on any of my suzukis and they crank regardless. Now I am certain I've opened myself up to the so said superior "know it all" who basically just calls us all idiots in a 1000 word novel of BS. I honestly don't care to engage in that stupidity. It's simple, you turn the key, flip the on off switch it either cranks or it doesn't no magic mouth help properly, no luck, no Internet help, it's basic.

Mine simply did it once while stalling up the toy hauler ramp, wot helped that time. Second time much worse. Worked on auxiliary lights one afternoon, bike was hot and had been running. I even cranked it afterward and the cooling fan was on. Week later rolled it out to go for a errand, bam it turned over popped and never fired again. 30 minutes later after pulling the FI fuse and turning it over it fired once I reinstalled the FI fuse.

So there is no problem, hmmm I'd say yes there is and it's in the electronics. Like I said I can go fiddle with both '11 model suzukis anyway I want and they'll come to life with the roar of a tiger.

But keep chasing that start procedure and I'll continue to be entertained here by it all. Some of this bs that's been spewed is quite simply that bs!!

BTW my throttle cables are loose with slack
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