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I have about 7' of stainless Aeroquip line that I have had for several years, just never did anything with it. I am about to do my fuel pump, so I thought...what the hell, why not use this stuff up. (I have had it for several years just laying around)

After doing a little research, the rubber hose is sort of becoming a thing of the past. As others have pointed out, the types of fuel available are changing, as is the engineering of vehicles. Even though that Gates link is a sales flyer, I am 100% confident that what it states is true in that rubber fuel line breaks down.

I think when I do my fuel pump, I will install the Gates hose. Overkill, maybe. Needed, no. Want, yes. Piece of mind for only a few bucks (my oriley has it for $4.60/ft), yes.

FWIW, I have used quick disconnect hose fittings on rubber line. It works the same way. I will not do the fittings on the fuel pump. -I will just use a stainless clamp
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