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Originally Posted by tlwood99 View Post
BMW gear is expensive, but I think you get a lot of value for your money. Its not the most expensive, but I don't see how the more expensive stuff is really any better.
Seriously?!?! Oh, wait. You said the MORE expensive stuff is not any better. Right. The Motoport Mesh Kevlar is actually LESS expensive (a LOT less) than the Rallye 3 (from the prices I found, anyway).

The info I found on the Rallye 3 doesn't even say what the suit is actually made from. That should tell you something right there. I believe it is made from some non-Kevlar textile. On that basis, I will say that Motoport Mesh Kevlar is better (by a LONG ways) because good leather is stronger than any non-Kevlar textile. And MP mesh Kevlar is roughly 10 time stronger than good leather.

The Rallye 3 has a liner to make it waterproof - as does the MP suit, so no advantage to either, there. But, the mesh Kevlar cools you way better, so another advantage to Motoport.

Oh, and the MP gear is made to your measurements, so it should fit perfectly. Mine does.

Also, my MP mesh Kevlar, with the MP Aero-tex liner in is noticeably cooler to wear than my Roadcrafter 1pc suit. The Aero-tex seems to breathe noticeably better than the Roadcrafter's Gore-tex. It is normal for me to take off my Roadcrafter and be able to feel some dampness on the inside of the suilt. I don't recall ever taking off my MP suit with Aero-tex liner in and felt dampness on the inside of the liner. Sure, I might be damp, if it's hot enough out, but I'm talking about dampness on the inside of the suit itself.

I have worn my mesh Kevlar in ambient temps up to 113F and down to the low 40s. For shorter rides, it is comfortable with no liner down into the mid-50s. For longer rides, it needs the Aero-tex liner once it gets down to the low 60s or so. And with my Warm n Safe Gen WP heated, waterproof liner instead of the Aero-tex, I'm not sure how low I can go. So far, the coldest I've ridden in with that setup is low 40s and, for that, I turned the heated liner up to 50% to be comfortable (on a multi-hour ride).
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