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there is definetly something wrong, your clock does indicate that. its most probably an electrical issue. the question is, if the cut outs and the clock correlate. there are one or two ground cables which can cause such problems. when the bikes frame is coated they use little stickers to keep the ground points free of coating. sometime these stickers fall off meaning the ground cables dont have good contact. so do not just check if the screws are tight, check if the cables have good contact.

get a voltmeter, connect it to the battery, start bike and measure the voltage output at idle. should not be less than 13.5. rev the bike up to 5500 and see what happens. voltage should raise to at least 14.4 and no more than 14.8. if that is fine, ride the bike half an hour or charge battery till its full. measure voltage, should be between 12.8 and 13.5. if less than 12.8 it could be a defective battery. wait 5 hours and measure again. if voltage drops below 12 volts, replace battery. I assume you measuring/charging/testing at an ambient tempretaure above 60 F. if its less than 40 F the values I told you may be incorrect.

if all that does not help, get the dealer to check clutch switch and remap the bike and do an initial idle run. also check sidestand switch, even if this is sure not the reason for the described problem with the clock.

good luck
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