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Originally Posted by Bambi View Post
Point one achieved: Looking super-cool on the bike ...

At the moment I think the looks of the bike are a bit out of balance. The rear end looks very massive compared to the light front. And I dislike the front-fender, too, sorry.

But we'll see were the build will take you. Watching Jimmy's build prooves: a good custom-bike never get's finished, there's always a better idea lurking around the corner.

Go on with your good work and keep us informed, thank you!

Kind regards, Bambi

I think the out-of-balance effect is because it still has the solid rear wheel with a 150 tire. This should change with the laced wheel and 140 mm tire. To mount the fender lower I would have to use the mounting holes for the fork guards which are waaay down by the axle and would be a very looong bracket. I'll have to see what it looks like with the fairing.
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