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hey max
41mm forks makes it much easier, just slide them in and you've still got your steering lock. but apparently it's not too hard to adapt most dirt bike forks (see the sv650 adv info page here) and you can put upside down forks in which have less flex and much better damping etc than old forks like mine.

they will pretty much always have the axle in front of the fork so it will handle more like a dirt bike than a road bike e.g. less likely to tip into corners which makes for good stability on dirt roads.
the bashplate is holding very firmly after its first adv ride, could here stones pinging off it every now and then so good to know it's doing its job!

from memory, i think the s model has the footpegs mounted higher and a bit further to the rear than the naked SV? if true, could be worth seeing if the footpeg setups are interchangeable as it definitely helps to have your pegs as forward as poss...

s pegs
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