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Originally Posted by rocker59 View Post
I predict the advancing glaciers will cover North America again, before that happens.
Nah. Standing by my statement: When gas hits Euro price levels, a 2-wheel 70mpg vehicle that costs $5,000 will start making more sense to people than the 4-wheel 14mpg one. (Or a 4-wheel, $30K, 45mpg hybrid)

Originally Posted by windmill View Post
I think filtering and splitting should be legal, I'm not arguing against it but would like to point out a few real problems.

We allow vehicles to be wider than in most countries, 102". Many states have narrower lanes, while California typically uses 14' lanes, many states in the east half of the country use 12' lanes, sometimes in the east coast it can be as little as 10'.
I suspect, somewhere, a Brit is laughing at you.

Maybe the excessively wide lanes ar why people feel like they need to lane split at 80 mph, and cage drivers are so fucking sloppy- because they can be.

Take two standard cars- not your 102" wide beast, but a couple Camrys, let's say- about six feet wide. Center them in adjacent 10' wide lanes. That leaves four feet between them- room for a GoldWing, just. 12' wide lanes, you have a six foot wide gap- piloting a GL1800 through that should be ridiculously easy. 14' wide lanes? You can lanesplit a friggin' trike through that gap- there's more GAP than you have car.
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