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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
As always, all of your comments are very much appreciated.

Book is done. Just going through some final edits. :) But before anyone jumps to any conclusions, it's more of a coffee-table book with 60 pages of photos and some quotes from the R/R (and a couple that aren't). I've begun working on a novel, but it's going to take no short amount of time to finish it.

The book (the eye-candy one) will be available for the iPad or in hardback. The problem with the hardback is that printing costs are high. If I was to go to a printer and request X number of copies I'm sure there'd be a significant break in price, but then I'd have to be the one to distribute (hard to do without a mailing address). Plus I don't even know if I'd sell more than 2. I'll consider some other options, but it's taken no small amount of time (and three different mock-ups using three different book making tools) to finally get a finished 'product'.

If anyone would be interested in an e-book of this ride report (with deleted scenes, more commentary, etc.), please PM me so I can have some idea if it's a good or a bad idea.

Next chapter: Southern Californa!
Just been having a catch-up (been out the AH loop for a few). Still going strong I see.

Keep me up-to-date on the progression of the book(s), mate. I'd be really pleased to help you promote and distribute it, in whatever format, via the Kriega Krewe network and my mates in the Industry. Come to think of it, I'm absolutely sure, I could get excerpts published in the UK and US bike media, if you wanted.

I'll PM you my contact details again, in case you want to take me up on this. And - if you feel you have the need - the offer of some gear is still on the table. Just let me know where it shipped.


'Ave it.

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