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This is a test to see if I embed a videom then change the embedding selection on youtube, if the video is taken down or remains up as it was embedded before the change took place...

You'll see the results shortly as I perform this rask...


so even though I disabbled it on youtube, the fact that I still had the code in my copy/past clicker, it let me embed it again.
that said the question I was asking myself is, if I shut embedding down will that take away the videos that all those people were robbing from my site to post on their own. But the answer is NO

Once they have the code, they are good to go. And it also tels me I'll have to go through and disable all embedding, Then if I want to embed some where I'll have to temporarily enable to get the codem shut it back doen, then it wioll be safe to have my stuff viewable on my channel and where I choose to embed only.
Those that have gotten away with it to this point are just that, getting away with rocking tunes for no charge that they can draw people to their site with.

The final truth is to give this an hour or so, come back here and see if it's all still "up".

See ya then...

Yep it's all still here! edit 1 hour later
too many...
I have completely lost count

and here's my channel...

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