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I just drove the worst car I've ever had the displeasure of getting into. Keep in mind, I've been driving since the mid-80's, so I never had the opportunity to drive a Pinto, Vega, or Chevette. But I did drive a Chevy Citation once, and I'd prefer it to what I just hid in the garage so nobody sees it.

I have a loaner Scion iQ. The local Toyota dealership seemed to think that they could tell me my truck would be ready in 3 hours, yet 2 hours and 45 minutes into that time, my truck hadn't moved, and they also had told me it was a 3 hour job.

A couple of short conversations later, I was driving off in the loaner iQ.

Holy crap that thing redefines shitbox. I love small cars...they can feel zippy without being fast, and can put a huge smile on my face. Not this thing. Understeers horribly, yet still manages to feel very darty and totally unstable when moving in any direction. Today is windless, yet somehow I was getting blown all over the road and had difficulty keeping the thing in one lane. I've had plastic lawn furniture that feels better and more structurally sound than the seats in the iQ.

I also like well-executed CVTs (as in the latest Outback). Toyota apparently threw out any knowledge of what constitutes a good transmission when they made this thing. It goes something like this:

1) step on the gas to leave the stoplight
2) something begins to sound like a blender with ball bearings in it, but there's precious little forward motion
3) step on gas harder
4) ball bearings in a blender sound gets quite loud. Blender is angry!
5) car darts uncontrollably left and right as it begins to move forward
6) step on gas harder because you just got smoked off the line by a blue-hair in a Sentra
8) achieve cruise speed of 30 mph, reduce gas pedal pressure.
9) angry blender goes away, car slows to 20 mph
10) repeat step 6 before blue-hair sideswipes you

I swear, maintaining a speed in the iQ is impossible. It's a constant back and forth of the CVT trying to idle the engine which causes you to slow down, then the driver having to nail the pedal to the floor to get any perceptible acceleration, which then causes the car to dart left or right, which exposes the total lack of structural integrity of the just keeps going.

Again...I like small cars and CVTs. If someone's only exposure to a small car and/or a CVT is the iQ, then they will likely hate both forever.

Here's a pic of the offending shitbox:


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