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Originally Posted by mung View Post
Bought a new 12 300 Raga in December.Very pretty bike.Luckily I disassembled the bike before any attempts to start or ride.The hose clamps on the carb to reed block manifold were so tight it split the rubber,The hose clamp on the back of the carb was way over tightened and not on all the way around so it twisted the clamp and tore the rubber boot between carb and air box.The float bowl had a layer of tree sap looking stuff about 20 mm deep and the jets were so plugged I put new ones in.I quit working on it after I found all these problems.I asked the dealer to just assemble so I could take it home to set up.He has nothing to do with the problems.Gas Gas is a very beautiful bike with incredible components but has jack asses and idiots assembling the bikes at the factory.The importer knows about the problems so I will see what happens next.
You'll want to check the float height, too. Both of my bikes they were set a bit high and fuel would leak out, and they tended to stall.

Also, if you're mechanically inclined, it might be worth taking the entire brake system apart to clean it (if it has Formula brakes there are some other things you can do to update them at the same time). It is well established that the rear brake master cylinders are particularly prone to "blowing" seals after a short time. This from crud that isn't cleaned out on assembly, then abrades the cup seal.

Minor issues, don't let them stop you from enjoying that NEW BIKE smell!!!
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