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Laugh PDM60 versions - what's what...

Folks, let me help you understand what's what wih regards to PDM60 versions.

Version 1 - Originally sold only by Aerostich, it's been obsolete for over a year. No place is selling these.

Version 2 - Available for about a year, now. ALL PDM60's that are available today are VERSION 2. The Aerostich model has a Molex connector and the pigtails plug into that connector. Non-Aerostich models do not have the 9 pin Molex, just pigtail leads for connecting your devices to.

Version 2 initially had a light colored with black printing "Powerpak" label. This was changed in July 2012 to the current style dark colored label. Aerostich has their own OEM label.

In January 2013 (ie last week), the 2 pin SAE battery charger input connector was eliminated. PDM60's will no longer have this connector, and the latest batch that we received into our shop does not have the SAE conenctor, and it doesn't look like there's any possibility of it coming back.

Version 5 - DOES NOT EXIST. Nada, Zip, End of Story. So regardless of what you have heard, seen, telepathed, gossiped, dreamt about or imagined, all PDM60's in the market today, and going back some time are Version 2.

All Version 2 PDM60's are dealer programmable today; but few dealers have the software and programming adapter; we do. Figure in about 45-60 days, an accessory special USB programming interface cable and friendly dashboard software, will permit end-user programming.

So, bottom line is, if you buy a PDM60 it's gonna be Version 2. It's programmable. You will like it. And, if it'll make you feel better we'll slap a big ol' VERSION 5 sticker on it, no extra charge . CAPICE??
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