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Originally Posted by Kawidad View Post
I posted this a little over a month ago and now my steering head bearings are loose again. A little over a 1k miles all road, so I guess this time I'll take it to the dealer and see what they have to say. I'll post again with the results, since the information about this mystical TSB has never been clarified.
Okay, I've been researching and contacted the dealer and according to them (see I qualified it) there is no TSB and never has been. Even though, I qualified my statement, the tech did let me see their computer with all of the TSBs and assorted issue with the banner on top saying it was private and not for the public.

The dealer also said there is no documentation about superseded parts or a different way to torque down the steering head bearings. They also said they would charge me the shop rate to tighten the steering head bearings and would only contact Triumph USA for a warranty claim if a part was "broken" or a clear problem. They would not contact Triumph USA based upon my say-so or internet chatter.

Based on this, I ordered the $1.25 washer and will do it myself, since there clearly is a difference in the parts listed in the on-line fiche and what is installed on my bike.

I don't know what the deal is, but something is weird about the whole steering head bearing thing and reeks of disorganization at the least.
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