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2001 XR400 Wiring Question

OK, I've researched this project and I think I have it right but before I start I wanted to run it by you Wiring GURU's.

I have a stock 2001 XR400R. Did I mention it was stock. I want to make it a little more street legal compliant by adding a control switch and front and rear LED blinkers. So i'll have incandescent headlight and tail light with LED front and rear blinkers. I plan to wire-in a resistor wires prior to each blinker (4 total). Here's my parts...

1. Acerbis Headlight http://www.motorcycl...-Headlight.aspx

2. H.D.B. front blinkers http://www.highwaydi...ef=turn_signals

3. Rear Blinkers http://doctorenduro....ush_mount_smoke

4. Baja Designs Control Switch http://www.motorcycl...&WT.MC_ID=10010

5. DRC Resistor Wire http://www.drcproduc...5-90/index.html

Route will CDI.....To AC Control Switch....then out to everything individually. Straight to the headlight.......straight to the tail light..........Resister Wire then to front blinker (X2)......Resistor Wire then to rear blinker (X2). I created a diagram and hopfully it attaches.

Does this look right to everyone???????? Thanks in advance

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