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Originally Posted by Boredsurfer View Post
Thank you for that feedback. I had head that they were better than the Heidenau K60's in every respect, but I was surprised to hear about the wet tarmac grip part. Good thing I live in SoCal - it never rains :)

I was speaking to the Canadian Mitas distributor yesterday who said he is trying to get better shipping options to the U.S. - I suggested he should find a way to secure the distribution rights for all of the U.S. too and he said that was a great idea and he would get to work on it :)

He thinks he should have more inventory and better shipping options squared away in a month. He also said that the "DAKAR" version (with the stiffer sidewall) wasn't worth the extra expense in his opinion, but that he will be getting the DAKAR version in a 21-inch at that time too. The difference in price is negligible between the 2, so why not just have the extra reassurance?

I just hope Mitas doesn't start playing games with pricing.... Even with the Canadian shipping surcharge, I was quoted less than the K60's. More to follow I'm sure....

The Mitas looks the part and more!
I got to meet Colin with, the Canadian Mitas distributor, while at the Vancouver bike show. The Mitas Tires are really good looking with more opening between the blocks than a K60 and the dakar carcass is soooooo stiff, I can sit on top of the unmounted tire, and it doesn't collapse. Surely that has to count for something on loaded down big twins, touring offroad. The tread patterns are big and blocky too. Sure wanted to bring home a set to run on my 950!
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