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Originally Posted by FLYING EYEBALL View Post
Thanks, bud.

That's kinda what I figured.
You're a little far away. Shame, if you want a used subie I would have a hell of a deal for you. My dad is the original owner of a 2002 WRX with 125k on it. In April of 2012 he parked it after my siblings and I all got together and gave him part of a new retractable hardtop Miata for his birthday. It has a couple of dents and needed a timing belt & tune when he parked it, but it ran fine. Of course now that it has been sitting for over three years I'm sure it needs tires and brake rotors, a fuel system flush, and the aforementioned timing belt & tune up. I wouldn't even crank the engine without putting a timing belt in it at this point.

If anyone local is interested I'm sure he'd let it go cheap. It's in Columbus OH.
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