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while i can understand replacing something that's not working as well as you'd like, i have to question the shops that are giving you a story like that considering that 3x(5-6-7-8-9-10) has been working well in places that have elevation changes in the multiple thousands of feet for decades already... could it be they just don't have the experience setting the stuff up properly?

or,.. i don't suppose either of those shops sell the 1x10 setup, hmm?

Originally Posted by Aurelius View Post
No, you're making a false assumption. The reason I want to swap out the drivetrain is because the stock 3x10 has given me constant problems, and it's gotten worse now that I'm doing very steep climbs. I've had the bike inspected at two shops, and both times I've been told that these problems are inherent to the way 3x10's are designed. Since both my chain and sprockets are due for replacement soon any way, this is the appropriate time for an upgrade.
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