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ok back to the trip.....

We kind of wanted to stay in Mulege again but then again we wanted to see a new town. When we had passed through Santa Rosalia on the way down it seemed interesting so we decided to stay there on the way back up.

the view from the hotel was ok

we unpacked the bike and headed into town for dinner.

we ran into these girls who were from EASTERN Canada. 20k into their Bicycle trip!! How incredible is that?

we got to talking and they told that they had been riding with a German couple for quite some time. They had left from ALASKA on their bicycles with a ONE YEAR OLD

They had a bicycle with a sidecar and a little seat on the front of the bike as well

I did not get a pic of them and I regret it! It was quite the operation.

Have you ever been to Monterey, California? Santa Rosalia is like Monterey but set in the old west...... and in Mexico.

there is this abandoned factory and train right in the middle of town

sunset from el hotelo

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