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OKAY. Back to Guerrero Negro.

On the way in and the way out of Guerrero Negro there are dirt roads that stretch off of the highway and out toward the coast all over the place. There is something about lonely dirt roads on the coast the fascinate me in a way that almost nothing else does.
Almost like it's a post apocalyptic wasteland or something.

For those of you that have played Half Life 2, you'll totally understand this. The game centers around a post apocalyptic wasteland that you're trying to save. Much of the game is spent scavenging around the coast through villages that are totally deserted. This of course is punctuated by brief moments of terror when you're attacked by some alien something - or - another

anyways..... worth playing. Half Life 2

so Im seeing all these roads peel off toward the coast and I DESPERATELY want to take them all.... but this is the wrong trip for all that.

Back at the Cowboy hotel

while hanging out in the hotel I was studying the map and I noticed an abandoned lighthouse.....I turned to wife and said we HAVE TO GO OUT THERE.

we decided to head out there early in the morning.

Ironically there is an abandoned lighthouse scene in Half Life I was very excited.

early morning!

The salt company is Guerrero Negro has the largest salt gathering operation in the world. They go so far as to supply their workers with housing and even take care of some of their bills. Pretty cool.
Anyways they have built their huge roads for their semi trucks to drive on

and there is just salt.... everywhere

the light house was pretty cool and very creepy so early in the morning

it was obvious that some people lived there. there was no way to tell how many, but it looked as if at least a few families had lived out there at some point. We tried to be quiet and respectful of whomever lived there.

there were shells the size of your head piled up 5 feet high all over the place. The entire abandoned factory was creepy and interesting as well.....

the whole scene was quiet, beautiful and creepy. it was something to behold in the cool morning air.

with very little warning the sun popped out and changed the whole feel of the place

We headed back into town and packed up for the last few stints on Baja

all through Mexico we saw stray dogs but Guerrero Negro was different. There were puppies everywhere.

We found 5 living in a tumble weed just sitting there and wimpering.

My heart broke - but what was I going to do?

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
T. S. Eliot
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