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Originally Posted by YakSpout View Post
Anyone who's been riding for a decade or two is usually way past spending serious coin to replace a working part because they want something shiny and new, whether the benefit is perceived or concrete. That behavior screams normally screams Fred.

OTOH, if you have the funds and want to buy the latest and greatest, go for it. Be sure to post your KOMs...

That being said I have experienced riders getting a new charge out of a new frame (even a used frame new to them), a new set of a wheels, a new pair of shoes, or a new crankset.

It probably is purely mental, but if that get's them up a few minutes early or on the bike after a shitty day at work when they'd usually say, 'sod this.' then, who can bitch?

I surely look like a the BIGGEST fred out there with my Dura-Ace and high Castelli shorts on Sidi Genius. I have a new Eddy Merckx frame with a Campy headset and crank that I can't even bring myself to build yet because I'm so out of shape.

At least I'm having fun with it.
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