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Still making progress, but not much that's worthy of a picture. Most of the interior framing is done, and we've almost completed the wiring on the third level. I started hanging cans on the main level the other day.

We've had sub zero temperatures and without heat working is pretty miserable. I know the crew took the last two days off to work in their shop- they just sent me a picture (via text) of the trim brackets they made. They are made of fir and in the pictures they look pretty sharp.

The heat is scheduled to go in late next week, but I'm sure it'll get delayed. The heat guy is probably running around like crazy fixing people's problems.

The plumber is due to show up in the next week or two to finish the rough-in.

And of course insulation will happen soon after the upstairs wiring, etc is done.

I'll take a few pictures this weekend when we wrap up the wiring. The electrician takes pride in doing neat work. What he's done so far is nice to look at- it's a shame it's getting covered up.
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