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Originally Posted by cogitate View Post
They really push the dog thing. When I went to the Subaru dealer a few weeks ago to look at the BRZ, there were all sorts of placards showing dogs with their cars, dogs with the owners with the cars in the background.

The car was parked outside, so we went to look at it. The dealer opened the door, I sat in the drivers seat. My dog stood outside the car. I went around to open up the passenger side, and told my dog to get in. He was reluctant, it was not "his" car. He got in, stepped over the driveshaft, over the drivers side, out the car, and came up behind me

Subaru should have been filming it for a commercial.
I don't mind their association with animals. In fact, they've donated quite a bit over the years. But I most certainly mind them toying with the viewer's soft spot for their pet by showing the aging dog and playing the sappy music, only to talk about the "loyalty" of the car.

Idiots. Since a car is incapable of loyalty, it stands to reason a dog conveys more loyalty in a day than a mechanical object can convey in its entire mechanical life. Really dumb.
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