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Wow, I thought I had updated this thread... Not much has changed on the bike other than an additional 2,000 almost trouble free miles. Road it all over the NW corner of the continent- Alberta, BC, WA, ID, and UT. Made it to Glacier / Going to the Sun Hwy FINALLY. It was AWESOME. Getting ready to do some maintenance in the next month or two to get ready for summer.

Pics from last summer:

You might have noticed I said *almost* trouble free. After a longish day on the road, I got to my destination. The next morning I had a little puddle of coolant on the ground... Looked like it was coming from the back side by the alternator. Kinda hard to see though so I took it apart a bit.

Turns out it was a loose hose clamp up near the rad cap- the coolant was running down the hose and dripping between the cylinders. When I would lean it over on the side stand, the puddle would run out the back corner. Tightened the clamp up and it was good for another 1,500 miles, but it's leaking again. Plan on replacing the hose and the clamp, along with maybe a new rear tire and fixing the goofy windshield mounts. The windshield cracked on both sides right above the mounts (you get what you pay for) but thats fine for me- I was planning on making a whole new piece anyways. More to follow in the next month or two.

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