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Originally Posted by TooFast View Post
I don't mean to rain on your parade, some diesel vehicles have good sound insulation for their occupants...,

Sitting in traffic with semis, busses, motorhomes, delivery trucks, pickups, etc the clatter is very annoying, even deafening. I live on a connector street and have gotten tired of listening to all the clatter driving by. Ford pickups with 7.3 and 6.0 motors are terrible. Over here, we see so many 1 ton pickups with DRW out back, big exhausts, boosted turbos, etc and one person in the cab using as their daily commuter makes very little sense with the increased engine price, maintenance costs, fuel price, etc.

But for the rest of us around diesel vehicles, especially in stop and go traffic and LSD fuel, still stink. Was sitting behind a new VW TDI the other day and ended up shutting off my car's ventilation to avoid breathing it. My buddies wife won't let her husband park his new TDI in their garage because of the exhaust smell which eventually even gets into their house.

So I'm only for diesels in large commercial/construction vehicles that need tremendous torque. You guys on your side of the pond can suit yourselves, over here diesel cars aren't popular, thankfully, IMO.

Just my .02, spend it anyway you want
Nice! I have the 7.3 IDI (prePS)... loud and obnoxious knock; check. exhaust smell; check; high maintenance cost; check.
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