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[QUOTE=Geek;20564554]I drive mine in 40+mph crosswinds regularly - we have a natural wind tunnel here in the Rockies referred to as "Rocky Flats" - which I happen to have a client on the other side of. When I have to cross Rocky Flats I refer to the steering wheel as the Tiller

Did the old T1N's have the ASR (i.e. Adaptive ESp) stability system the NCV3s have?
With my ASR on.. it is pretty difficult to flip the van unless you are beyond the laws of physics as the van senses the issue and saves you from yourself...

My 2004 T1N Sprinter had the stability control, etc - the acronym evades me but it was all Bosch, integrated with their
antilock brake controller monitoring tire rotation differences. A lot of these systems work pretty well, my Vette actually has gyroscopes under the passenger seat

When you get wheels off the road it's a different ball game than just the rear end coming around on ice, etc

The T1N that rolled in this thread said he got off road - who knows what the banking was, what they may have hit, etc

These systems won't/can't save you from everything
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