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Originally Posted by mustangwagz View Post

What kinda hand controls do you have? Does it have a "slide" switch for "Run" and "stop"? or does it have a push button stop switch? Reason i ask...i had an ATV that would do this exact thing..turned out that the damn Slide switch for RUn and STOP had just enough slop in it that it would jiggle around and cut out, leaving me stranded half ways up over hill climbs or usually in the WORST situation that it possibly could..

The video makes me think its electrical...Its hit and miss, randomly missing violently.. Typically, Violent misses like that are form electrical issues. Loose Connection somewhere maybe? I think a jiggle test is in order for you wiring.. This was the only way ive ever found 2 electrical issues. i had an issue with a fuel injected machine that had a bad connection at one of the relays that caused it to Backfire, Load up and foul plugs, fall on its face, etc etc.

See if any of this helps may, but it may not. Cant wait till ya get this ole girl fixed!!
I wondered about this too. I have a push button kill switch. I did an extensive wiggle test around the switch, cdi, regulator and stator loom. I have not checked the internals of the kill switch to see if something is grounding though.
It is possible something is rubbing on the frame or frayed somewhere i guess. Gives me something else to investigate.
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