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Originally Posted by buls4evr View Post
Yes but several of those 50/50 are from Northern states where there are no prickly pear, ocotillo and mesquite thorns. All of us run it down in Southern NM or you would be changing tires constantly down here. Patches don't work on thorn penetration punctures.....5 miles later you just have a pinhole next to your patch! Who cares if it is messy? Change the tire and tube and toss it. If you don't like it there are several other brands to try. The last rear tube I changed had 5 thorn holes in it. Would you put on 5 patches? It will seal a hole as big as your valve stem (it tries to if you do not clear it with a QTip). If you don't use it in our desert bring tire spoons,a good pump, a gross of patches and patient riding buddies.

Fuxxing cactus.
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