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Made it to page 116, gotta stop for the night. Impressive build so far!

As for my Sprinter adventure -- not sure if it had stability control or not. It was obviously one of the older gens. The accident happened in New Mexico, on I-10, between Deming and Las Cruces. Locals say they see large vans / semi trucks flipped all the time from strong winds.

The fishtailing isn't what did it in, though. The fishtailing, plus the gust of wind, knocked it into the median. Wheels dipped in, and (trying to get it back on the road), my coworker oversteered, running us off on the other side of the road where there was a bit of an embankment. Coworker then tried steering the other way, aiming to get it back on the road. Too late. Front passenger side wheel dug in, and the van rolled down the embankment. Flipped over once completely, then landed on it's passenger side.

Most of that's from what the police report said (looking at skid marks, and marks in the median). I've got a much more vague recollection of the accident. Woke up when we hit the median, and had a few out the front. Saw the edge of the road in the headlights, bushes past that, and thought to myself, "well, this is going to hurt..."

No idea how I got out of there. The first responders / police couldn't figure it out, either. There was a limo partition between the front and rear, and it was laying on it's passenger side. Glass on the driver side was intact. Only way I could've gotten out is through the small partition, and out the windshield. When responders got on scene, my coworker and I were sitting down on the shoulder.

The van couldn't have done better, though. It maintained most of it's structural integrity (top edge was pushed in a bit from the initial roll), and really held itself together well. The interior was a wreck, but it was done by a 3rd party outfitter. The front driver's area looked almost stock! No collapsed pillars or anything. Believe it or not, the driver's door could actually be opened (though, required some hard pulling).

Can't wait to catch up on the build, Geek!

EDIT: Finally caught up. Sounds like you're having too much fun in that thing! I wish I had the money / patience / OCD for something like this.

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