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Hello guys, Current 1996 DR 350SE Rider here and I love this bike. My first dirt bike in over 15 years. Was out of the riding biz for so long because I joined the Army, and finally decided after second deployment life is too short and bought my mistress(The bike)

I have a question. I have been spending more time off the road than on, finding that I love dirt and speed and occassionally a little air when I hit things just right. Everyone says my DR is not meant to be ridden like a trail bike, or jumped, or meant to handle and corner well going fast in a harsh trail environment.

I have been looking at buying an actual trail bike. I found a 2005 DRZ 250 but I have read a few reviews, and no matter how much I stare at it, It seems to look like my DR, minus the lights and mirrors.

My question is, is the DRZ a better bike for handling in the trails, single track and sandy pits, or is it basically going to be like riding my DR? If it is basically the same thing, then I might as well hold out for a different brand of trail bike, thought I was hoping to be a Suzuki rider.

Any input from people who have been doing this alot longer than me would be very much appreciated.

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