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Power Steering Question...

So the return line on my wifes car ('92 Olds Cutlass Supreme) was leaking. Power steering has been working totally 100% fine, other than it marking its spot in the driveway... The return line is really long mostly metal tubing, with a short section of rubber. It was leaking at the rubber section. I put a "band aid" fix by cutting out the leaking section of rubber hose and putting some high pressure hose over the metal tubing with double clamps. Worked great, no leaks... BUT.

Now the power steering intermittently gets stiff- mainly at low speeds if you're trying to turn sharp. Sometimes its fine, sometimes its not. I've tried the whole bleeding thing- turning it back and forth a little, or a lot. Doesn't seem to change anything. Its fine one minute, then stiff the next. It does feel too hard to turn most of the time.

Any suggestions?!

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