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Regarding travel via Maxi Scooters, i.e. Burgmans

While there's a bit of everything on Moto Travel sites like this, the bulk of riders appear to be both long distance with off road machines. When mentioning travel by scooter, you can almost "see" a raised eyebrow or two, even if it's politely not mentioned.

To read about and see the photos of those world and continental travelers is a wintertime joy for me.The quality of their writing and photography is something I spend probably too much time viewing during the confines of winter. But it gets me through as I impatiently wait for Spring, usually around April here in the mid-West (S. Illinois).

As much as I enjoy reading of these adventures by others, my love of riding are the two lane and country roads with wide open views. Roads that time has forgotten, many being deserted due to the Interstate system. Villages off the beaten path that could be a movie location for someone want a late 19th century setting.

Having owned about every make big bore cruiser made, except HD, along with RT and LT Beemers, Goldwings, etc., at age (71) and the condition of my old knees, told me it was time to get into something lighter to hold up. I actually decided to give up riding last summer and sold my 1900cc Raider, and told myself that it was time to pursue other interests, and than decided that this was a big mistake. Since your reading this as a biker yourselves . . . I don't have to explain my remorse at such a foolish decision. But like I said, it was time to lighten up the load on the body.

I actually had a Suzuki 650 Burgman about four years ago and loved riding it. Somehow the lure of the big cruisers brought me back and I sold the Burgy on eBay. So . . . . shopped Craigslist in December and found some better than super bargains and picked up an '07 Burgman 650 Executive with 6800 miles in mint condition. Drove about 250 miles each way and trailered it back. (If your even remotely thinking of buying a bike, get it done in January during the frigid weather.)

It would be foolish to suggest it is a total replacement for a motorcycle, but a quality maxi scooter is a very viable option for the riding I described above. The 650 twin cylinder power plant with a CVT transmission is, well, you would have to ride it to believe it. Smooth as silk, fast off the line with a top speed in the mid to high 90's. The fairing and adjustable powered windscreen gives excellent wind protection. Lot of storage pockets in the "dash" and under the saddle, with optional top case and side bags. A nice drivers backrest is available for under $100. Accessory outlets and digital gauges. Actually. . . . these rascals are about $11,000 new.

Dare I suggest a mini Goldwing? Yes i think I will since others besides myself who have owned Wings have described it thusly. OK, a bit of a stretch, but not by much. Like I said, you have to ride one for yourself to appreciate and understand the "downsizing" to a scooter.

So. . . . the first trip of the year with be in late March or early April to the Big Bend Natl Park in TX, one of the most unknown and beautiful areas in America. At 1300 miles, I'll trailer the Burgman and ride for about 5 days around Brewster county, including Terlingua,etc. There's not a two wheeled vehicle comfortable enough to keep my back from disintegrating at this distance, so riding this far is unthinkable.

If your riding SW Texas in early April and see an old guy on a red scooter with a black and white British racing helmet, give a wave. . . . as it will be I.

" . . . we are fools for Christ . . "

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