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Originally Posted by dwoodward View Post
Having already self-selected (twice) as a risk taker, it's easy to do it again and get into the adrenaline rush from doing it fast.

Go to where it's crowded, and scooters outnumber cars about 100:1, and you don't see it the way you do here.

When riding is more an accepted lifestyle instead of a risky pastime, it'll be easier for lanesplitting to get accepted.
A very accurate post. At the moment, in a lot of the states, lane splitting is illegal. Consequently, the sort of people who engage in it are (very generally speaking) ones who are prepared to ride illegally or antisocially. Loud pipes, speeding, not stopping when they clip cars etc. are all statistically more likely "per encounter with someone filtering" than if all motorcyclists filtered.

The idiom, "I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb" applies here. If you're going to get in trouble for filtering, why not speed at the same time? If anything, your speeding will make it less likely someone will clock your plate and report you. True, this is balanced to some extent by self-preservation, but this is less of a factor in those who ride illegally and in a thrill-seeking manner, than a legitimate 'commuter'.

In the UK, the reverse is true and there's an added incentive to filter at legal(ish) speeds. As the filtering itself is legal, speeding is crossing the line into illegal behaviour. Perhaps even greater a control is the factor that it also increases the likelihood of blame being attributed to you in a collision (the faster you are going, relative to the speed of the traffic, the more likely the courts are to blame you, as opposed to the cager who change lanes without looking, into your path). If I am filtering safely, at 5mph past stationary traffic and a car suddenly opens its door, or starts moving across the divide between lanes without indicating, it will almost certainly be considered his fault. If I am nailing it through the gap at 50 in a 30, it'll almost certainly be considered solely my responsibility. This encourages moderation, even where self-preservation alone won't control behaviour.

So, most car drivers interactions here, where it's legal, are non-events. They barely notice most of us and generally, cars don't get upset by us doing it. In the states, only the hooligans do it, so interactions with the cagers tend to be poor, hence the cagers continue to oppose it. Bit of a Catch-22, isn't it? As I mentioned earlier in this thread, a lot of otherwise legal riders, starting doing it reasonably and considerately*, en masse, might be the answer.

*albeit technically illegally.
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