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I think that in this day and age it is very hard for a total crap gun to go out the door of a mfg. I do agree that there are times with every product this or that is adjusted here or there...but I think in this business the products are actually so alike that service and customer perception is all that really seperates them.

I am lucky enough to get to play with a great deal of different types of guns....while I don't own them and have a day-in-day-out living with them so I don't know how many do over the long haul, but in the short sessions I get to spend with them most do what they are built to do.

But in the end I would say buy what you feel confortable with, both in carry and in shooting....and if possible SHOOT THE THING FIRST if you are slight of build like me it does not take much to make something go past the area of that is ok to shoot to FUCK THAT HURT....and if it hurts you will not practice with it....and if you don't practice with it you have ZERO business in having it on your person. That is why I carry a pretty small gun, well it is a bigger gun that is heavy by todays standards, but shoots a pretty small bullet.....but I also know that I spend a few hours every week (if the weather permits) putting live rounds down range, I also practice the draw, fire, clear with snap caps in the gun...that specific gun. I think the choice to carry is not one to be taken is also not something that everyone can do.
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